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Stay Open Late? Tips To Keep Your Business And Employess Safe After Dark

If you're concerned about keeping your business and employees safe after hours, secure your building now. Residential homes aren't the one places vulnerable to crime after dark. Businesses, retail stores, and other establishments may also be at risk for unlawful entry. Some criminals may actually enter your establishment through the front door. You can keep your business and employees safe after dark with the tips below.

Protect Your Entrances

Burglars, thieves, and other unwanted visitors can and will gain access to your building through its entrances. As mentioned above, some unwanted visitors can enter the front lobby or door of your building undetected. The criminals may enter the building by following your employees, or the thieves may wait until the door stays ajar to enter the building. You can protect all of your entrances with card key systems.

Card key systems require each employee to insert or slide a special card through an electronic key pad or lock. The card contains the employees' name, station, and other identifying information. If someone attempts to enter the building without a card, the pad or lock will deny immediately deny them.

You should place a security access pad or lock on every entrance to the building, including back doors and gates. If necessary, use a pad or locking system that comes with a master key card. The master key card allows you to change, update, or review the system when needed.

After you secure your building, talk to your employees.

Inform Your Employees

Remind your employees to stop and monitor the entrances before they move on to their stations. The employees can ensure that every person who enters the building uses their key cards to enter. No employee should enter the building without first sliding or inserting their key card into the security pads or locks.

Also, keep track of your employees' names and stations, including new hires. You want to ensure that no one enters the building after hours without the proper qualifications. If necessary, request an updated list of employee names from your human resource division. You can compare the list to the names of employees who work the evening or night shift. If an unauthorized name comes up, you can take steps to investigate the person behind it.

You may wish to schedule your vending services during regular work hours. This may keep unlawful visitors from using fake delivery service clothing to enter the building.

Don't allow crime to take over your building after dark. Contact a security provider today, like Arapahoe County Security Center Inc, for an appointment.