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Two Tips For Landing A Rental After An Eviction

According to the latest statistics, rental rates have outpaced salaries, rising 66 percent while people have only seen a 35 percent hike in wages. So, it's no surprise that many people have been evicted from homes and apartments or are currently facing the possibility. While getting another rental can be challenging when you have an eviction on your record, here are two tips for landing on your feet in a new home.

Look for Rentals by Owners

Evictions show up on background checks and credit reports, so it's nearly impossible to fake having a clean record. As soon as the apartment complex or property management company pulls either of these reports on you, it will see the eviction entry and then make a decision about whether to approve or deny your application based on their internal policies.

One way around this issue is to avoid applying at places that conduct background or credit checks, and the people least likely to do them are owners renting out their own homes for extra cash. Many in this group don't do the checks to save money and, instead, rely on their sense of the applicant to determine whether to rent to them. Thus, if you prove you can pay the rent every month and come across as a fairly decent person, the owner may rent to you.

To avoid wasting your time, be sure to ask the owners whether they do these checks before applying. However, try to be a subtle as possible. The landlord might get suspicious if you ask in a way that makes it obvious you have something to hide and will either run the checks anyway or decline your application.

Consider Subleasing

Another option for getting into a rental after an eviction is to sublease a place from someone who is already in a place but needs to leave the rental early. For instance, college students often end up in 12-month leases but only need to live in the apartment or home for the 9 months school is in session. Thus, they frequently look for someone to live out the remaining three months so they can move on.

If you find the right sublease, you can bypass the rental application altogether since the landlord already screened the original tenant. As long as you pay the rent on time and take good care of the property, you shouldn't have any problems. However, be sure to draw up an agreement with the original tenant about who is responsible for things such as paying utilities and cleaning the space once the lease is up to avoid any problems from misunderstandings developing.

For help finding a rental place when you've got an eviction on your record, contact a real estate location service, like Synergy Home Investors, LLC, in your area.