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Moving From A Basic Studio To One-Bedroom Apartment? Prioritize Impactful Upgrades

When you moved into your first apartment, you may have picked a basic studio due to its affordability. These units are often small and do not come with a dedicated bedroom. So, when you are ready to upgrade your real estate to a one-bedroom apartment, you will be getting a separate room to put your bed and dresser. This means that you will be getting a size upgrade naturally.

Along with these improvements, you should consider looking for some of the most impactful upgrades that you can get when going from a studio apartment to a one-bedroom unit.

Washer and Dryer

Most studios cannot fit a washer and dryer due to a lack of room. But, in a one-bedroom unit, you will likely come across many units with these appliances included. This is a huge perk over taking your clothes to a laundromat and waiting until your clothes are clean. You will also have an easier and more private time washing clothes compared to complexes with laundry rooms.

When looking at photos, you will likely find closets with a washer and dryer next to each other or stackable units in a smaller closet. Whether you end up with top-loading or front-loading appliances, the ability to wash your clothes inside your apartment is an enormous upgrade.


Another appliance that you should prioritize is a dishwasher in the kitchen. Many studios have small kitchens with limited countertop space, so washing dishes may be challenging. But, you can avoid worrying about cleaning most of your dishes by hand when you have a dishwasher.

If you are worried about missing out on valuable cabinet storage, you can just look for units with decent-sized kitchens so that the total storage capacity is not affected much by this addition.


While you can open the windows in a studio apartment, you will have to leave the unit and apartment building to get some fresh air. It may not be that convenient to enjoy drinking, eating, or reading outside, especially if there is nowhere nearby where you can sit down and relax.

Finding a one-bedroom unit with a patio allows you to get fresh air easily. Also, you will likely have a sliding glass door that you can open to bring in a lot of outside air in a short time frame.

Looking for these upgrades when moving to a one-bedroom unit will help you enjoy every moment that you spend in your new home.