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Want To Live In A City Center On A Budget? Look For Certain Apartment Features

When you live in a rural area or on the outskirts of a city, you will likely find lower rental rates because of lower demand. You may have grown accustomed to these rates when you first moved out of your home and into one of these areas with a low population density. But, you may be interested in moving to a city center where you can find everything you need in a small area.

If you are on a limited budget, you will want to look for several apartment rental features that may lead to lower rental rates so that you can put in an application for an affordable unit.


Although you may be used to living in a one or two-bedroom apartment, you should consider downsizing to a studio. Since these units do not have a bedroom and are often smaller in almost when compared to units with bedrooms, you should find that the rent is noticeably cheaper.

This does mean that you may need to part ways with some of your possessions or shop for new furniture that fits better into a small space. So, you may want to look around for studios with a decent square footage if you are determined to take most of your belongings for the move.


While amenities such as a pool, tennis court, and fitness center are nice to have, you should skip most of them when you need to find an affordable place to live. A helpful amenity to have is a shared laundry room so that you do not have to travel elsewhere to take care of laundry. Another amenity such as a bike rack should not increase rent much and is useful if you enjoy biking.


Your goal may involve finding a place to live in a city center, but you will find that there are so many areas and neighborhoods to look at for rentals. Learning about all the neighborhoods in a city will help you narrow down your list because you can eliminate luxurious areas. Looking for areas with old buildings is one way that you will find cheaper apartments on a consistent basis.

Looking online is a great way to find most of the rentals that are vacant, but walking around in person may expose you to some rentals that are not posted online. Checking local coffee shops is another place where you can find vacancy postings, which often yields less competition.

Knowing what to look for with apartments in a city center will help you find one you can afford.