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Tips for Renting a Home with a Pitbull

If you have a Pitbull and you are going to be renting a home, then you should educate yourself on some of the problems you may run in to and some things you should do to help you get into a rental. This article will offer you advice you want to keep in mind as the owner of a Pitbull and a renter:

Check the city ordinances—If you are thinking about renting a place in an area you aren't sure of with regards to their Pitbull ordinances, it's important to check them out ahead of time. Different areas can have laws regarding the breed you need to know. Otherwise, you may end up in a city where you aren't supposed to have your dog out in public, or even in an area where if your dog gets loose you may not be able to get it back.

Plead your case—If you are going to apply for a rental then you want to present your case in a way that can sway a person who may have thought they wouldn't rent to a Pitbull owner into someone who ends up accepting you and your dog into their rental after all. You should apply with a completely filled out application, references stating that you have been a good renter in other units you have rented and have the dog mentioned in the letters when possible to show it has never been a problem.

Show proof your dog is up to date on shots and show proof of any training programs it has completed. Get letters of recommendation from anyone who can attest to your dog's good behavior, including boarding facilities who have watched it, the dog's vet and anyone else who has been around it and is considered an expert on dog behavior.

Understand possible insurance issues—When you are considering a rental and the property manager lets you know that Pitbulls aren't accepted for insurance reasons, move on to looking for a different rental and don't waste time trying to convince them. If their insurance company won't accept the breed, then the chances of you changing their mind is nearly impossible.

Offer to introduce your dog to the manager—Offer to do a pet interview with the manager, so they can meet the dog for themselves and see how it behaves first-hand. Sometimes a dog can charm someone into being on their side who thought they weren't going to want the dog in their unit before seeing them in person.