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Master Bedroom Staging: Setting The Stage In A Masterful Way

When you are showing your master bedroom, you want that bedroom to give off a wonderful feeling to anyone who enters the room. You can't do this if the room has been obviously claimed as your own with all of your own décor put up, pictures of your family everywhere and your own sense of style seen throughout the entire space. The master bedroom is a place that most home owner's will spend a lot of time looking around in when they are in the home to see if they want it. Here are some of the things you want to be sure to keep in mind when staging the master bedroom:

Make the bed the focal point

 Your bed is more than likely the largest piece of furniture you have and somewhere near the center of the room. This automatically makes it a focal point naturally. Therefore, you want to run with this and make sure it shows well. Get a fantastic bedding set that has all the bells and whistles like duvets, pillow covers, etc. Make sure the set matches the walls to some extent and has a neutral design.

If you don't use your headboard, now is the time to pull it out of storage and start doing so, or invest in one. Consider adding some nice-looking throw pillows to the top of the bed to give it more eye appeal. The throw pillows should also match. If you have your bed on the floor, now is the time to bring in that bed frame and put it to good use.

Use the space correctly

If you don't have a very large master bedroom, then you want to make it look as large as possible by only displaying the minimum furniture needed. This includes the bed, nightstands and a dresser.

However, if you have a very large master bedroom, then you'll want to divide it into a bedroom and a nice sitting room. This means bringing in a couple chairs and a small table in a corner where the buyer can imagine themselves enjoying a good book in their relaxing and cozy bedroom.

Let plenty of light in

Make sure you have light window coverings and pull them back before showing the home to let in as much natural light as you can. This helps you to achieve a cheerful vibe in the room and can make it feel even more spacious.

Contact a real estate agent for more help.