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Offer These Promotions To Make Your Moving Company Stand Out

Whether you've just started a new moving company or you're an established company looking to keep your share of the market, it's always important to do what you can to seem more appealing to your prospective customers than the competition. Many areas have multiple moving companies operating in them, meaning that you need to always work to draw customers to your business. One way to achieve this goal is through promotions that you may wish to run at certain times of the year, or that you may simply wish to always offer. Here are some suggestions that make work for you and that would likely appeal to your customers.

Second-Day Discount

For local moves, it's possible that the job is too big to be completed in a single day. This means that your customer may need to hire your truck and a crew for two consecutive days. One way to make doing so appealing is to offer a discount for the second day. For example, perhaps you reduce the second-day cost by 25 percent. When a prospective customer is comparing your rates with those that your competitors offer, your promotion will definitely be enticing and may be the difference in you getting the customer.

Consistent Pricing

Some moving companies charge more for their services on Saturdays and Sundays, given that these days are popular for people who are moving. While this approach to pricing is understandable, it may be off-putting to certain customers who might wish to save money by moving during the workweek, but are unable to do so. You may attract customers by widely advertising that your pricing is consistent — in other words, whether a customer hires you for a move on a Tuesday or on a Saturday, he or she will pay the same affordable price.

Discounted Packing

For customers who don't have time to pack their own possessions up in advance of a move, the prospect of paying a crew of movers to do this job — which may take a couple days — may be financially stressful. Another promotion that you can offer to draw in more customers is to reduce the fee that you charge for your packing services in certain situations. For example, you may wish to knock down this price specifically for customers who are planning out-of-town moves, given that the cost of this process is generally more than the cost of an in-town move.