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Does Your Apartment Building Need A Community Manager?

Community managers can do a lot for satisfaction in your apartment community. Here are some of the signs you could use a community manager. 

You're Juggling Multiple Properties

A community manager who works on a consulting basis can help you manage the communities at multiple properties. It will save you from being pulled in many directions. 

You're Getting a Lot of Complaints

If you are having a lot of complaints from your property, it might mean that someone needs to be more hands on. Community managers are there to create a sense of dialogue at a property. Just one part of their job is fielding concerns from tenants. 

You Want to Create a Sense of Community

They can act as a go-to person for your tenants, but they also are there to make the community a more positive place to be. They might host events or block parties, manage the quality of shared amenities, or help manage the reservation of common spaces or party areas. 

They're Good for Marketing

Since a community manager is so hands-on with the property, they offer something that a traditional landlord doesn't. Some tenants will prefer someone who isn't around except to collect rent checks, and others will prefer someone who they know is there to deal with issues. A community manager can make a great first impression on tenants who want the latter kind of living situation. Some people prefer a more social or open environment in their apartment community. 

They Can Correct Branding Issues

Community managers can also work on issues with branding or reputation. Have you received a lot of complaints on social media or do you have bad word of mouth press in your area? That is the time when a community manager can step in and form better relationships with old and new tenants. They may overhaul certain amenities or processes to alleviate tension in the community. 

The work of a community manager is varied, but there is one thing for sure; community managers take the pressure off of you, and they can do wonders for your properties. Your tenants will appreciate the investment in a manager, and the value of your rentals may go up as a result. Since the job description of the community manager varies based on what you need, it's best to contact a few specialists to see about the pricing and scope of work available.