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Understanding Real Estate Issues About a year ago, I began thinking about unloading my existing property and getting a new house. Unfortunately, I wasn't really sure where to start, so I turned to a friend of mine who specialized in real estate. They walked me through the entire process of selling a house and investing in a new one, and I was really impressed with how much of a difference they made in my process. I began working hard to get things taken care of, and within a few months I was able to completely transform my finances with the sale of my home.




3 Types of Pools That You Can Find in the Luxury Housing Market

Lots of houses for sale feature backyard swimming pools, but once you begin to peruse the luxury home market, you'll often find a variety of jaw-dropping pools. In many cases, you might be thrilled with what the luxury home has to offer, but its swimming pool pushes you over the edge and convinces you that you need to make an offer. Whether you're someone who envisions hosting well-attended backyard gatherings or you prefer the idea of a short swimming workout each morning before work, you'll be able to enjoy the convenient access to a pool in your luxury home's yard. Here are three types of swimming pools that you may encounter while perusing luxury homes for sale.

Infinity Edge Pool

Infinity edge pools are among the most luxurious that you can find, and are a fixture in the yards of many high-end properties. This type of pool is known for the style of its edge—namely, the edge of the pool seems to disappear. Infinity edge pools are especially common in properties with views. For example, if you're looking at a luxury home in the hills, there may be an infinity edge pool positioned so that the view of the city below appears beyond the edge of the pool.

Indoor/Outdoor Pool

Indoor swimming pools are common in many luxury homes, especially if you're looking at a housing market where the winters are cold enough that year-round outdoor swimming isn't possible. Perhaps even more enticing than an indoor pool, however, is one that is located indoors and outdoors. Such pools have an indoor section and an outdoor section that is divided by an opening in the wall of the residence. You can enjoy swimming outside, but when the sun gets too hot and you're concerned about getting burned, you can head inside to continue your swim—all without having to get out of the water.

Endless Pool

Endless pools are small, which might not make you initially think that they're common in the luxury market. This belief isn't true, though—endless pools are very common in high-end properties that have compact yards. The trademark of an endless pool is its current. This pool is only slightly larger than your outstretched body, but you can swim against the current for a solid workout without actually traveling forward. And endless pool isn't suitable for pool parties, but it's ideal for someone who enjoys swimming as a workout and whose yard is short on space.