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3 Ways Home Automation Can Enhance Your Loved One's Care

Your loved one has made it clear that they prefer to stay in their home as they age. While their good health has made this possible, you may still worry about what could happen when they live at home alone. Fortunately, new technology is revolutionizing how adult children care for their senior loved ones, and you can utilize home automation services to enhance your loved one's safety in using these three strategies.

1. Rest Easy With Automated Home Security

Senior adults are sometimes the targets of criminal activity such as theft that can destroy their sense of security even in their own home. Yet, seniors sometimes forget things such as to lock their doors, or your loved one may be apprehensive about responding to a knock on their door when they are not expecting company. Your loved one may also fumble trying to put the key into the lock if they struggle with limited hand dexterity due to arthritis. Automated home security corrects all of these challenges by allowing your loved one to use voice or smartphone controls to control their home's locking mechanisms. They can even use video monitoring to see who is at the door before they answer it.

2. Prevent Falls With Smart Lighting

Fall-related injuries can affect your loved one's health and independence in an instant. Proper lighting is essential for the prevention of these types of falls. With smart home lighting, you can set your loved one's outdoor lights to a timer or sensor so that they don't have to worry about turning them on if they return home after dark. Your loved one can also control the interior lights using motion-activated sensors or voice controls so that they have a clear path if they must walk through the house late at night.

3. Check in With Remote Video Monitoring

In the past, seniors who lived alone could go hours to days without someone noticing if they were unable to call for help in an emergency. Now, you can take advantage of home automation services to check in on your loved one from another location. By placing cameras inside of your loved one's home, you can monitor their movements and respond accordingly if you see them on the ground or discover that they haven't been active during their normal daily routine.

For many seniors, aging in place is the best way to preserve their health and financial resources. By knowing how to implement technology in ways that address your concerns, you can support your loved one's decision to remain independent.