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Important Steps To Take In Advance Of Showing A Rental Unit

When you're showing a rental unit to someone you may soon become a tenant of your building, you want to be sure that the unit is impressive from the moment that you swing open the door. To achieve this goal, it's important to have the unit professionally cleaned, and a new coat of paint will also be a good idea. However, there are a handful of other details that might seem small, but that is important to look after before you schedule the time to show the unit. Here are some steps that you should plan to take. 

Air It Out

When you open the door and encourage a prospective tenant to step into a rental unit, he or she doesn't want to be greeted by an odor. Whether it's the strong smell of cooking left by a former tenant or the lingering odor of paint after a paint job, these smells may deter some people. It's a good idea to thoroughly air out the unit in advance of the showing. Plan to visit the unit earlier in the day so that you can open the windows and make the space smell fresh. If desired, you can return to the unit soon before the scheduled showing time to shut the windows. 

Get The Temperature Correctly

Ideally, the temperature won't be noticeable when you and the prospective tenant step into the unit. If it's summertime and the unit is noticeably hot, the tenant may be concerned about the ease of cooling it. If it's wintertime and the unit is chilly, the tenant may believe that keeping the unit cozy is difficult. Gauge the temperature on the day of the scheduled showing and visit the unit in advance to set the temperature. A setting of between 68 and 77 degrees Fahrenheit will be enough to keep the unit feeling comfortable — and hopefully enticing to the potential renter. 

Set It Apart

Often, coming up with a small gesture that will make the unit feel more appealing can be a good idea — and can separate your building from any others that the person has viewed. This could be as simple as a bouquet of fresh flowers in the bathroom or a few baked goods on a plate in the kitchen. If you get a sense that the potential tenant is moving from out of town, perhaps because his or her phone number's area code is different, you could visit the local tourism office and gather a selection of brochures about your city.

For more information, contact your local commercial property management service.