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3 Tips For Buying A Home That Will Fit Your Over-sized Furniture

If you live in a large rental apartment or single-family home, you may have picked up a lot of over-sized furniture pieces that you intend on keeping for a long time. By prioritizing over-sized over compact, you get to enjoy lots of storage and plenty of comfort from large cushions. You should also be able to entertain family and friends without a problem due to ample seating.

When it comes to buying a home, you will need to pay attention to the details that will affect your ability to bring in over-sized furniture as this will help you buy an ideal home.

Room Analysis

Looking at each room in detail is important because you want to avoid a situation in which the master bedroom or living room is not large enough for your furniture collection. Trying to fit a king-sized bed as well as a large dresser and armoire is not going to work in many bedrooms.

So you must exercise patience while house shopping to find a home with a sizable master bedroom that also meets your family's other wants and needs.


In some cases, you will be able to disassemble furniture to make it easier to move pieces around your home. Finding a home with small doorways can cause problems for furniture pieces that you are not able to disassemble as it can prevent entry into certain rooms. While you should be able to learn about the doorways by looking at online photos closely, you can feel confident about the doorway size by checking a house out in person and bringing a tape measure to use.


While the doorway size is important for bedrooms, you may only need to get into the home through an exterior door to bring some of your furniture collection to the living room. This means that you should make sure either the front door or back door is large enough for what you need.

If you can find a home with a sliding patio door as the entrance to the backyard, you should feel confident about your ability to bring most furniture inside, even when a piece is fully assembled.

Bringing over-sized furniture that you are currently using in a rental into a home that you purchase is something that you may look forward to doing. To make sure that this will be a possibility, you need to inspect each property that you are interested in carefully and thoroughly and get the opinion of a professional real estate agent