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5 Decisions To Make Before Buying A Vacation Cabin

If you really want to have your own space when going on vacation, then you might be considering buying a vacation cabin in the place you visit most often. There are a lot of awesome cabins for purchase that make good temporary residences, especially in more rural areas. However, not every cabin is a good buy for everyone. Before you settle on a particular cabin or even start shopping seriously, there are a few decisions you will need to make.

What conveniences do you need?

You can find bare-bones hunting cabins that are heated with wood and don't have electricity, and you can find cabins that are fully-powered, small homes. Decide which conveniences you need in a space so you can look at cabins that suit your needs. Do you want electricity? Heat? Plumbing? You don't want to buy a bare-bones cabin because it was cute and then later realize that you really wanted a place with electric.

Do you plan on renting it out when you're not there?

Some people let their cabins sit vacant for most of the year, and they just live in them for a few weeks at a time. Other people use the cabin as a rental when they're not on-site, which helps draw in some extra income. If you want to use your cabin as a rental, then you need to pay closer attention to things like location, how many beds it has, and how secure it is. A cabin in the middle of nowhere, for instance, may appeal to you, but it will be harder to rent out.

What places do you want to visit when you're at the cabin?

Sitting in a cabin might sound like fun right now, but after three days of it, you will probably want to venture out and do something else. So make sure the cabin is a reasonable distance from some of the places you like to visit. List the places that are a top priority to see when on vacation, and then focus your search within about 15 minutes of those sights.

How much maintenance do you want to do?

If you do not want to do any maintenance at all, then you will want to look for pretty new cabins. If you don't mind fixing some things and doing minor projects on the weekend, then maybe an older cabin would be perfect for you.

Once you've answered these questions, you're ready to go cabin shopping. Enjoy!

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