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New To Your Luxury Home? 3 Personal Touches To Incorporate Right Away

Where you live is a powerful status symbol, showing other people a little glimpse of your personal success and style. However, when you invest in pre-owned luxury homes, it may feel like you are camping out in someone else's space--unless you take the time to make some changes. Here are three personal touches you should incorporate as soon as you move in, and why. 

1. Add Family Photos and Art

One of the first things you add to your new home should be photos of your family. Think about hanging a large family portrait in a main living space, such as the living room or hallway. If you have art or sculptures that you have collected over the years, use those pieces to hang in the home to make the entire space feel colorful, bright, and completely unique to your family. Consider adding a photo collage wall in an area that needs a little pep, such as on the wall running up the stairs. 

2. Replace the Carpet

While you may feel comfortable living in a home that someone else designed at some point in time, you won't want to live with their germs. Since carpet is filled with fibers that absorb odors and allergens, it's a good idea to replace the existing carpet before you move in. 

Talk with your real estate agent about when you will close on the luxury property, and schedule carpet installers to come in and work on the house that week, while it is still vacant. That way, you will be able to feel comfortable in your home after you move in, since you won't have to stress about additional allergens, bad smells, and stains. 

3. Choose A Signature Scent 

Another way to make your new luxury property feel like home is to incorporate a signature scent. Whether you like the woodsy scent of cedar or you are drawn to lemon and bergamot, think about what you want your home to smell like, and invest in professional-grade oil diffusers or candles. When your home smells like your custom space, it can create a welcoming feeling for people who visit. 

Remember, you aren't all alone in your quest for a beautiful luxury property. Your real estate agent is likely very connected to a network of professionals including contractors, interior designers, and landscape professionals that can help you to customize your property. In less time than you think, your home could look like your very own slice of heaven.