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Renting an Apartment? 3 Tips to Save on Utility Costs

If you can take your time looking for an apartment to live in, you can feel confident about finding a place that will satisfy your needs entirely. While you may know that you will have utilities to pay every month, you may be interested in maximizing your savings. A reliable way to make this happen is by finding an apartment with certain qualities before signing a lease.

1. Look for Bathroom Upgrades

Checking out the bathrooms is important because this is where a lot of water usage will happen. Getting a dual-flush toilet can make a noticeable difference because it uses less water when flushing down liquids. Even a feature such as a touchless faucet can provide you with savings on utilities because the water will only turn on when your hands are in front of the sensor. If you want to take it even further, you can get a window in the bathroom over a ventilation fan as this will prevent you from needing to use any electricity to air out a steamy room.

2. Prioritize Insulated Windows

Along with a bathroom window, you should consider the role of windows where you live. If you are planning to live in a warm climate, you may want to demand windows with excellent insulation to keep the air from seeping inside on hot summer days. You may even want to prioritize apartments with shady windows to minimize heat gain from sunlight exposure.

This is something that you can do by picking apartments with buildings or trees blocking the sun during the hottest parts of the day. Even if the trees lose their leaves in wintertime, you can benefit from this happening since you can use the sunlight to keep your apartment comfortable.

3. Ask About Quality Flooring

A warm climate often leads to using an air conditioning system throughout summer to stay cool and healthy. But, you can enjoy living in an apartment that stays cooler naturally by getting hard flooring such as concrete, laminate, vinyl, hardwood, or tile. All these flooring options will be cool to the touch and make them worth prioritizing over the carpet that you may find in some units.

While looking at apartment complexes, you should consider asking landlords and management companies about the average utility bills for their tenants. Going through this simple step and following these tips will help you find an apartment that allows you to save on utility costs easily.